American Standard Gold S8X2 Gas Furnace

American Standard Gold S8X2 Gas Furnace.

Flexible Temperature Control

While this gas furnace does a great job heating, match it with a heat pump to enjoy energy saving benefits and a more complete temperature control experience. That means, the heat pump can act as the primary source of heat in milder temperatures, but when the weather gets cold, your system activates your furnace to deliver the heat you need.

Steady, Warm Air

With the Gold S8X2 gas furnace, you’ll be met with consistent, steady flows of warm air, so you don’t need to worry about uneven indoor temperatures again.

Built to Last

You won’t have to worry about this furnace withstanding the test of time. Its cabinet and components are durable and built to deliver comfort for years to come.

Energy Efficient System

This multi-stage gas furnace reduces temperature swings and might even help lower your heating bills. This furnace runs at an energy-saving 65% capacity more than 80% of the time, making it an energy efficient system you can trust.